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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

"Praia"/"Beach" - Matosinhos

The Beach of Matosinhos!
Matosinhos is a city in the district of Porto, in Portugal.
So what you think about my city?
Nice beach!!??


  1. Hey it's really a nice place! How is it there now, in the middle of June? I'm going to visit Porto on June 23rd, for a week, looking forward to your guys beaches and leisure places... is it many people there swimming already?

  2. Hey you came in a god time.
    In the 24th will have a party, call S. João. It’s in all streets of Porto. All people going to streets and walk all night, till in the early morning they end in a beach.
    The weather now is ok. Hot.
    Hope you enjoy it a lot.