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Saturday, 10 January 2009

I amsterdam

This New Year's eve I went to Amsterdam with some friends.
What can I say about this city?!
Well it's a normal European city with some little differences ;-) !
If you're wondering if there's drugs and sex there… the answer is YES! It's true. When you walk the streets the smell of weed/hashish is very strong.
Almost in every souvenir's store you can find utils to smoke hashish and other kind of drugs, … and shopkeeper advice you about the best material you can use… Also you can find a lot of sex souvenirs.
In fact sex shops and coffee shops are the most characteristic shops there! To those that don’t know, the “coffee shops” is the place where you can buy drugs.
At night in the “red light street” you see women, men and others in lingerie, behind a glass door selling sex. It's legal and they pay taxes.
The architecture of the city is splendid, it’s a must. And if you are in Europe, you should go there to see it! (maybe you can choose to go in the summer, ‘cause the winter is very cold).
Surprisingly, the traditional food that you can find there is not traditional! What I mean is that the majority of the restaurants that you find there are Arabic or Chinese or others… “Falafel” or pizzas are in fact there to stay.
French fries with mayonnaise is the most traditional food I found there.

Ah! But if you want to try something radical you can try the chocolate cakes or muffins. Those have special ingredients: coca or hashish. I’ve tried the chocolate cake… but was a disappointed… me and my friends did not feel anything different… So we were not “stone again” like the suggestion of this t-shirt.
An advice… be careful with what you buy, because, although the fly is considered internal, your bag is for certain checked, even the “holding bag”.
The express coffee is very expensive… 2€ was the cheapeast price that we paid. For a Portuguese girl (like me) this city is a little expensive.
But I loved the experience of the New Year's eve and the city! I recommend it!

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  1. Explanation about the title:
    “'I amsterdam' is the motto that creates the brand for the city and people of Amsterdam. The I amsterdam Manifesto proclaims the core message behind this motto, and explains the reasons why this message exists.” -'i_amsterdam'/'i_amsterdam'